The Wilkins Group


The Wilkins Group

The Wilkins Group specialise in the printing of folding cartons and packaging for a wide variety of industries and brands worldwide, the largest UK family business in its sector

The Wilkins Group are specialists in supplying retail packaging worldwide to a wide range of markets such as food – chilled and frozen, textiles,  confectionery, toiletries and household products to name a few.

The head office is based in Nottingham UK, with a modern state of the art facility that covers over 120,000 square feet and employs 200 employees.

The Wilkins Group is built on innovation using the latest technologies required in today's world of folding carton manufacture, to provide high quality packaging solutions worldwide.

We have a mission to be supplying the highest quality products with innovation and cutting edge automated technology to deliver the very best value through the supply chain.
All this with a state of the art manufacturing facility built to meet the food hygiene standards essential for high ratings within BRC and ISO.

Over the last five years we have become integrated with our overseas manufacturing hubs covering East Europe, Sri Lanka and China. Whilst maintaining specifications and control within the UK for the UK retail market and coordinating like for like production in our other plants for brand consistency.

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