Shakespeare Martineau

Shakespeare Martineau work with family businesses of all sizes, across all sectors delivering a broad range of specialist legal services.

We combine a deep understanding of the key issues faced by family-run businesses with our legal expertise to bring clients a clear view of what's desirable, what's possible and what's next; we ensure bespoke business solutions are designed firmly around our clients’ needs. 

We have a wealth of experience of advising family businesses, regardless of generation, on current issues such as:

  • succession planning and legacy;
  • family disputes;
  • wealth preservation;
  • investment and the impact this has on the next generation; and
  • the Implications of Brexit on family businesses

We believe that communication and inclusiveness are key when running a family business, but reaching an agreement on all business working practices can sometimes be challenging. Our experienced family business team are able to help family members to reach agreements, set long-term goals, establish a dynamic business strategy and futureproof their business for future generations. 

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