We’re launching a new online family business community!

A new not-for-profit online initiative which connects family businesses across the UK is launching today, providing businesses in the sector with interactive support and expert advice – and a fantastic community to be part of.

Organised and backed by The Wilson Organisation, a Nottingham-based third-generation family business behind the annual Midlands Family Business Awards – the online only Family Business Futures (FBF) initiative has been designed to bring family enterprises across the UK together.

Following the unprecedented events of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in the absence of face-to-face meetings and many events including the Midlands Family Business Awards, FBF was born to establish an ethical, supportive and friendly online community of likeminded people to share networking opportunities, trusted support and expertise for family businesses to not only survive, but to thrive.

FBF aims to deliver a trusted space in which to connect people to other businesses in the community that understand the unique challenges of leading a family business, providing support and advice. It’s a safe space with active social hubs to connect people with each other, where they can share experiences, and build friendships and support networks.

Community areas are only accessible to trusted sponsors and supporters enabling family business owners to seek support and guidance from advisers that understand the sector and are active within the community.

A whole media centre is also available to share specialist content with all users including presentations and videos to benefit the community, with all the latest information and services that member businesses provide.

Annabel Jackson Prow, CEO of The Wilson Organisation, said: “Family businesses survive over generations by taking a long term and sustainable outlook. The past year has been incredibly challenging for so many of us and for family run businesses, big or small, we’ve all really felt it.

“We’ve launched the FBF website, so businesses will be able to build relationships, share their experiences with one another and seek guidance. There are so many unique challenges that come about when running a family business that only others doing the same thing will understand, so we are hoping this new site will be a trusted online space that people can turn to for help, support and for sharing great news and opportunities to network and interact within the sector.”

“We really encourage family businesses within our network and from all over the UK to sign up to the FBF, as the greater the online presence the community has, the more benefits received among family members, giving our network and its businesses a chance to flourish.”

FBF only works with organisations that the Midlands Family Business Awards have previously worked with, to ensure those introduced to members are trusted within the sector, and all membership requests are screened by FBF to ensure community safety. To be part of the Family Business Futures community, please visit familybusinessfutures.co.uk or email [email protected]

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