With both sustainability and family business, the aim is to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own 

We are so excited to have Sustaiability as part of the Awards in 2023 as it fits so perfectly with the ethos of family business - the current generation are the custodians looking after the business and handing it over to the next. 

Our category sponsor Flame UK and their family business finalists have the opportunity to lead the way and become a driving force in highlighting Sustainability and the need for this to be part of everyday business operations. Family values and a shared commitment to contributing to society are hard-wired - taking care of their people and communities have long been part of their DNA, well before sustainability became a global buzzword.

Highlighting the fact that family businesses take a strategic and collaborative approach to sustainability will generate greater business value and deeper trust amongst consumers and business partners, making a positive difference. It’s an opportunity all family businesses should take as matter of urgency—for the good of the planet, its people, and their own future success.

The amazing Josie Morris MBE from family business The Wool Packaging Company has just done a talk at the first TEDxStaffordshireUniversity event and we'd recommend grabbing a cuppa and watching - 12 minutes of inspirational common sense! It's titled "Using natural materials to change the world". You can view the talk on YouTube.

It may seem difficult, but a lot of the practical things you can do are just common sense. As humans we've been running the place for quite some time and whilst our progress may have been at the detriment of the place we call home, we CAN do something positive to not only stop the rot, but also start putting things right.

The first thing we'd recommend is taking a look at the Sustainability category and entering. It'll be a great conversaation starter and a fantastic barometer for where you are on your sustainability journey. 

Through the introduction of this category, Flame UK and our family businesses have a fantastic opportunity to step up to the plate together on sustainability and effect positive change. Be a part of it!

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