How to lead Generation X & Y? It’s as simple as ABC….

David Williams of 3w Growth, longstanding Judge and supporter of our Rising Stars Award, talks about Leadership

I get a lot of questions from business leaders about how to manage Generation X (also called Millennials that are about 24-38 years old) and particularly Generation Z  (from 9-23 years old) employees.

In a tight labour market with 42% of employees looking for a new job in the new year, there has never been a more important time to reflect on your leadership skills.

If you think a good salary and perks will cut it – think again. In a recent survey 86% of employees said that recognition was more important than financial reward.

Let’s take a minute to think about what is behind this change.  Do you remember when parents and teachers were the authority ? No longer the case, the internet and technology is now the authority - my 15 year old son regularly fact-checks me on YouTube!

Next let’s have a quick think about parenting and school. Kids now have access to a huge range of activities, both in and out of school, where they are supported by coaches helping them improve. As teenagers grow into employees, they are carrying this thirst for different experiences and coaching support into the workplace, unlike previous generations who were more motivated by status, money and a stable job.

So here is my ABC of how you can best lead Generation X & Y:

    A – A less directive management style.

    B -  Be sure to offer lots of self-discovery opportunities.

    C – Coaching – be a coach, not a manager.

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