Impossibly dashing and debonair? I really don't know what to wear!

It’s always been an easy 'DJ' choice for our Awards Dinner, but this year the guys may have to work a little harder.

A Summer Celebration style guide for the guys…

It’s always been an easy choice for our Awards Dinner, when the invitation says ‘Black Tie’ you just take the DJ to the dry cleaners and buy a new shirt. But this year the guys may have to work a little harder on their attire too!

It’s fine to wear a DJ if you want to – but if we’re lucky with the weather you may feel a little over dressed for the drinks reception in the formal gardens. This year it’s fine to dress in a more laid back, relaxed style, but if you want to err on the side of more dressy rather than less, especially if you are up for an award, a suit is just fine – and you can always pop a tie in your pocket if you want.

There are only a few months of the year when you can really rock the garden party look, so why not make the most of the opportunity? For our summer celebration at Kelham Hall, garden party attire can be far more comfortable and still be stylish. But if you’re wondering what constitutes garden party glamour, just think of summer weddings, polo at the Hurlingham Club and glorious Goodwood.

Firstly, don’t panic. You probably have an outfit in your wardrobe – you just need to put it together. You’re looking for lightweight fabrics such as cotton, silk and linen. Lighter colours, prints and sometimes bold hues work well too. Whether you’re likely to appear in the formal Winner or Highly Commended photographs will probably influence exactly what you wear – that tropical print shirt may look fun, but remember the photograph may be used on your website and attached to press releases, so stylish neutrals may not haunt you as much as a Hawaiian shirt!

Here are a few simple rules will hopefully help you

On the bottom: Remember your trousers! Shorts may be comfortable, but you’re not going to win any points for style, so save those for your summer BBQ.  White, beige or light coloured trousers look crisp, clean and cool. If you prefer darker colours, chocolate brown, navy blue or charcoal grey work so well, when paired with a light coloured shirt.

On the top: Short sleeves or long sleeves? The choice is yours.  A polo shirt or linen shirt is way more stylish than your average t-shirt, but with the right outfit a t-shirt can look super classy too. Linen is renowned for being a wrinkled nightmare, but that relaxed rumpled appearance can also say you didn't try too hard, even if you did.

Over the top: You may or may not need a jacket or blazer, but we’re in Britain not Bali so probably best to sport a jacket.  A light linen jacket paired with dark denim jeans can look polished yet still appropriate.

Best foot forward: Stylish sneakers, boat shoes and loafers work so well with summer fabrics and a more relaxed summer style. We’d suggest you skip the sandals, save those to wear with your shorts!

To top it all off: Hats are optional, but wearing one can transform your outfit into an elegant and sophisticated ensemble. Think summer styles of a classic Panama or trendy straw trilby.

If you’re still unsure, it’s always better to opt for more dressy rather than less - especially if you are up for an Award and you’ll be taking to the stage.

Whatever you choose to wear, we hope you enjoy our Summer Celebration at Kelham Hall and look forward to seeing you there!

The Awards Team

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