Marketing Campaign of the Year

This Award celebrates the innovative, impactful, and strategic marketing initiatives that drive business success and growth in today's competitive landscape that have been initiated, executed, or significantly led by the family business. Sponsored by STENCIL

Judges are looking for

  • Creativity and Innovation: How your marketing campaign demonstrates fresh, original ideas and approaches that set it apart from competitors
  • Strategic Execution: The effectiveness of your planning, implementation, and coordination across various marketing channels (eg digital, traditional, social media) to achieve defined objectives
  • Alignment with Family Values: Does your campaign reflect the unique identity, heritage and values of your family business?
  • Impact and Results: The measurable outcomes and impact of the campaign on KPI's such as brand awareness, customer acquisition, sales growth, market share, and overall business success
  • Adaptability and Sustainability: The campaign's ability to adapt to changing market conditions, consumer preferences, and industry trends, as well as its potential for long-term sustainability and continued relevance

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