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Family Business of the Year

The headline category is for established family businesses across all industry sectors that can demonstrate sustained success across a broad range of measures. Sponsored by MHR

The headline category in the Midlands Family Business Awards celebrates the resilience, innovation and values that have stood the test of time and continue to thrive. By recognising outstanding achievements including leadership, governance, innovation and sustainability, this award honours the contributions of family businesses to economic growth and their positive impact on the business and local community.

What the judges want to see

  • How the family values and the family members guided the development of the business
  • The Board and ownership structure of your business and how decisions are made
  • How you balance the interests of the family with the interests of the business
  • The key qualities that make your business a candidate for Midlands Family Business of the Year, such as product and service development, financial growth and success, family representation, people development, innovation, overcoming adversity, your commitment to the community, succession planning and governance
  • Initiatives that demonstrate Sustainability including any research carried out and how the positive impact is measured
  • Your aspirations for the business and how current and future family generations will be involved

Sponsored by MHR

2023 Results

Winner: MHR

Highly Commended: Hannells & Owen Taylor & Sons

Finalists: A.W. Lymn, Charles Bentley & Son & Webb Hotel Group