Best Digital Tech Innovation

This award will go to the family business that can demonstrate how digital and technological innovation has had a positive impact on their business, embracing technological evolution while staying true to their family values, ensuring sustained success. Sponsored by Family Business Futures

Judges are looking for

  • Your approach to innovation, including the development and implementation of innovative ideas, processes, or technologies
  • The extent to which you've embraced digital and technological innovation across your operations, such as marketing, e-commerce, automation, analytics or AI
  • Demonstrate the positive impact your investment has had on both your business and your customers - financially, market share, cost savings, improved service and communications etc
  • Consideration of the long-term sustainability of innovation and digital strategies, including adaptability to changing market conditions and future-proofing the business
  • How you lead digital innovation within your sector, setting benchmarks for others to follow
  • How you evaluate and monitor your digital tech innovation across the business

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