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Best Digital Tech Innovation

For those that demonstrate how digital and technological innovation has had a positive impact on their business, embracing technological evolution while staying true to their family values, ensuring sustained success. Sponsored by Family Business Futures

The Best Digital Tech Innovation award will go to the family business that can demonstrate achievements in leveraging digital technologies to drive innovation, transformation and competitive advantage. This award celebrates exceptional creativity, vision, and impact in harnessing the power of digital and technology advancements to create efficiencies, solve problems, enhance capabilities and create value.

Judges are looking for

  • Your approach to innovation, including the development and implementation of innovative ideas, processes, or technologies
  • The extent to which you've embraced digital and technological innovation across your operations, such as marketing, e-commerce, automation, analytics or AI
  • Demonstrate the positive impact your investment has had on both your business and your customers - financially, market share, cost savings, improved service and communications etc
  • Consideration of the long-term sustainability of innovation and digital strategies, including adaptability to changing market conditions and future-proofing the business
  • How you lead digital innovation within your sector, setting benchmarks for others to follow
  • How you evaluate and monitor your digital tech innovation across the business

Sponsored by Family Business Futures