Digital Excellence

Returning for 2023 to acknowledge the digital transformation many business have undertaken over the last three years, the Digital Excellence award is for family businesses that can demonstrate how the digital world, such as website, social media and apps, has had a positive impact on their business. Sponsored by Family Business Futures.

Judges are looking for

  • Evidence of how an investment in digital has had a positive impact on both your business and your customers
  • How your use of digital compares to the industry standard and how it helps you to differentiate
  • How the family values and the family members drive and support the commitment to digital excellence within the business
  • How you evaluate and monitor digital excellence across the business and how this impacts future plans
  • Your future plans for the business and how you will maintain a commitment to digital excellence, and how family members will be involved

2023 Results

Winner: Premier Community

Highly Commended: Award Leisure & Shuperb

Finalists: Glizy Bits Boutique, Go Cotswolds & KryptoKloud

Our 2023 Winners

The results are in...